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Great Feats® is designed to help you acquire supporters through social and peer networks, motivate them to stay involved and empower them to do more for you.

Make it fun and easy for people to get involved and connect with your cause. Run campaigns designed to acquire new supporters from social media and gather new email addresses.


Give supporters compelling reasons and rewards to stay involved. Offer a variety of activities, social credibility, interactive pages, contests and real-time progress and feedback.


Give supporters more ways and better tools to evangelize, recruit and fundraise year-round. Let them lend their influence, time and talents in their own unique way.

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Designed for Year-Round Engagement

Use a variety of activities to motivate involvement from new and current supporters.

Awareness and Advocacy

Raise awareness, acquire email addresses and increase your social following with Photo and Video Contests, Matches, Pledges or Petitions.


Empower supporters to help you reach more people and raise more money with effective peer recruitment and fundraising tools. Launch creative peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, donate occasion campaigns, challenges of any kind, memorial and tribute programs, and year-round “DIY” fundraising programs.

Events of Any Kind

Increase participation and fundraising for your run/walk/ride events, drive attendance to galas and other events requiring registration, host scavenger hunts and create unique virtual peer-to-peer events of any kind.

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Helping Great People Advance Great Causes

See the unique activity-centered challenges, campaigns and events our clients are creating.

Built to Engage and Motivate

Great Feats makes peer-to-peer fundraising more social, mobile and fun.

Social Listening, Feeds and Integration

Close the loop on social media by sending automatic replies to people using your hashtag inviting them to join you and share their email address. Photos, videos and social media posts are automatically aggregated to visualize your challenge. Participants can easily ask others to join and donate by sending personal invitations directly through social channels.

Motivating Activities and Rewards

Our platform is centered on challenge activities to motivate people to get involved and do something first, then recruit others, fundraise and spread the word. Activities and associated points are tracked for a friendly competition to earn bragging rights as well as rewards or recognition of your choosing.


Flexible Branding and Display Options

Design unique challenges with our best practices built-in as your starting point, then customize with your branding and registration requirements. Embed any elements – the gallery, timeline, leader boards, donation form and more – into your other web properties. Recognize participants and donors by displaying a live feed of photos or social posts at your event or facility.

Affordable and Accessible Technology

We combine the best aspects of peer-to-peer fundraising and recruitment, social media, gamification and user experience all on a secure, reliable and affordable SaaS platform. Our 100% responsive and modern design ensures your sites look great and work well on any device.

  • Hill Country Ride for AIDS is dedicated to providing our riders with the best possible online experience. With Great Feats, our riders get user-friendly and effective tools to directly recruit and fundraise through social media, not just email.

    Prentiss Douthit, The Hill Country Ride for AIDS
    Prentiss Douthit Executive Director - The Hill Country Ride for AIDS
  • A key to the success of our event was rewarding participants for recruitment, social sharing and completing activities, not just fundraising.

    Nikki Krueger, United Way for Greater Austin
    Nikki Krueger Director of Community Engagement - United Way for Greater Austin
  • We loved that Great Feats helped connect people to our cause so much more than ever before. It was so easy for participants to share the ride site and their personal stories, recruit others and ask for donations through their social channels.

    Kate Robberson, Rosedale Foundation
    Kate Robberson Event Coordinator - Rosedale Foundation
  • Because the Great Feats platform worked so well and was easier for our team and riders to use, we had significantly more time to focus on ride logistics and promotion.

    Duncan Hicks, The Hill Country Ride for AIDS
    Duncan Hicks Ride Assistant - The Hill Country Ride for AIDS
  • United Way for Greater Austin sees Great Feats as true thought partners in our efforts to grow and continue to help out in the community. We trust them immensely to help us reach and continue to grow our engagement and fundraising goals.

    David Smith, United Way for Greater Austin
    David Smith CEO - United Way for Greater Austin
  • We liked the unique approach of the Great Feats platform. Our first campaign exceeded our expectations, and we’re excited to launch additional campaigns to help us acquire new supporters and engage our current ones.

    Jane Rose, Central Texas SPCA
    Jane Rose Volunteer Coordinator - Central Texas SPCA
  • We’re a young organization and need to raise awareness for our mission. Working with Great Feats helped us to embrace social media and reach tens of thousands of people — well beyond our current network of supporters.

    LaTronda Humphries, Healing Our Heroes Project
    LaTronda Humphries Founder and Executive Director - Healing Our Heroes Project
  • With Great Feats we were able to build excitement leading up to our annual event by letting participants start competing early and spreading the word — and, best of all, we set a new fundraising record.

    Dan Janjigian, DanOLamOlympics
    Dan Janjigian Co-founder - DanOLamOlympics
  • By hosting our Annual Bike Ride and Fun Run on Great Feats, we raised 21% more, increased participation by 13.5% and reached 108,000 on social media.

    Suzanne Potts, Autism Society of Texas
    Suzanne Potts Executive Director - Autism Society of Texas
  • With our first Great Feats campaign, we reached people we wouldn’t have otherwise and raised more money than expected. We’re now going to use Great Feats to support our annual campaign calendar.

    Sarah Evans, Well Aware
    Sarah Evans Founder and Executive Director - Well Aware

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